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Plan A Perfect Naming Ceremony For The New Arrival To Your Family

Naming ceremonies are a vital step which provides an identity to the baby. It is a kind gesture that makes the baby feels special. On the arrival of a baby, the whole family rejoices and reunites to share the happiness. Naming ceremonies are not legally essential in any country; however the registration of birth is legally essential.

A naming ceremony can be conducted in a hassle free manner by properly planning the event in advance. The baby is named under the blessing of the wedding celebrant and the following factors may be considered as a checklist.

Date and time of ceremony

The naming of the baby is usually done at an age depending upon the religious traditions of the family. Some babies are named as early as a month old while some are named when they turn a year old. However, the parents need to fix the date and also the time for naming ceremony according to their convenience.


The naming ceremony is conducted under the guidance of the wedding celebrant. So, make sure that you check on the celebrants and their availability. As the celebrant is also required for wedding it is very important to fix one by giving the required advance. Make arrangement to pick the celebrant from the destination to the venue of the ceremony.


Celebrating the arrival of the little one is done either as a simple affair or by conducting a grand naming ceremony. If you intend to do it on a large scale, make sure you pick a venue that has all the facilities required for the baby. It is ideal to choose a venue that is close to your home which makes the arrangement also possible. Also, it is important to check on the facilities for the baby like a good rest room, feeding room and so on. Make sure that the place is clean and free from disturbances.

Guest list

Now decide upon the list of invitees and invite them in advance. It would be a great idea to distribute printed invitation as this will give the invitees all the details like date, time and venue. It also helps the invitees remember the details of the ceremony. Make sure that you have people to welcome the guests and make them feel comfortable.

Music and entertainment

The naming ceremony is not a legal affair and so it is conducted in the most informal manner. You can even arrange for some music shows as a part of entertainment. As it is a baby’s ceremony you can also arrange for some games for the children.

Plan your baby’s naming ceremony in advance and make it a grand success.

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