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Office Parties And The Right Etiquette

Whether formal or informal, office parties are filled with opportunities to make a fool of yourself or give people a bad impression of you (even if it is inaccurate or due to misunderstandings). Knowing how to behave and communicate on such occasions can save you your reputation, dignity, and even your job. Here are a few things to always remember when attending official events with your colleagues and superiors.

The Line between Casual and Professional
Parties are generally fun occasions where you can casually joke and be playful with other guests. When it comes to corporate functions, however, you should keep that playfulness to a minimum. Even if the occasion is somewhat informal, you still have to show due respect. Just because you’re not at work, it doesn’t mean rules don’t apply. Be polite and friendly, but don’t get too chummy or touchy, especially with superiors. Have a good time, but do so with decorum.

Making Conversation
You can’t be too careful with your words when it comes to chatting with colleagues and bosses. If you don’t choose wisely enough, the things you say can be offensive, inappropriate, or embarrassing, even if unintentional. Corporate functions Melbourne often have alcohol served, and this is problematic because booze makes people overly chatty and perhaps a little too comfortable. Avoiding the drinks will ensure that you don’t accidentally say something you shouldn’t. Keep conversation topics light, and try not to talk personal information.

Networking isn’t Bootlicking
Whatever the nature of the party might be, you are sure to get the opportunity to make contacts and expand your professional network. It also gives you the chance to build a better relationship with your superiors. Rather than praising the boss or talking yourself up, be yourself and act natural. Your boss can spot a faker, and you’re more likely to garner his favor and interest by conversing normally. Just be sure that you are polite and respectful in the process.

Table Manners
The event may include a meal, but even if not, there will be food and refreshments. Be polite and have at least one or two finger foods, because if you don’t, it can be considered offensive. When you do eat, be careful to mind your manners. Use cutlery and napkins, don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t chew with your mouth open, and don’t burp loudly. You should also take care not to be messy, and make sure you don’t eat like a glutton.
Be responsible by sticking to these basic principles and be on your best behavior. Failing to do so could easily ruin your image within the company and potentially even cost you your job.

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