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Marriage – Is It A Blessing or Trap We Are Setting For Ourselves?


It is not a new question in this 21st century, about the sanity of getting married. People are growing more and more individualistic and independent. Back in those days, marriage was important because females were treated as weaker sex and everyone were just sexist. But after the revolutionary ‘feminist’ move; females were accepted to do better jobs like the males.

It should be considered that still females were mistreated by misogynists (a person who has a strong dislike or hatred towards ladies, women and anyone belonging to female species in Homo sapiens species), some were left to cry alone but some people were sure of themselves and their fought for their rights. From that time, single moms were very famous concept among females. It can be considered that female’s rebellion movement had passed very well through the years and nowadays any small mistake or problem in family people are standing in front of family courts. So, why do people go through the sad unnecessary marriages just for them to end up in family courts instead of till death does them apart? 

It is not a new knowledge that people are spending a large part of their savings and salary in getting engagement and marriage proposal ideas. It should be noted that marriage and engagement diamond are not easily buying commodity. It will cost you a lot. Moreover, if you think marriages are made in heaven, then yes; you have perfectly lost it. There is no made in heaven or made for each other concept anymore. It can be seen that love is a destructive material that the devil is using to knock millionaires and every man down, be careless about their feeling and metaphorically speaking, they let someone else play with their heart; only for the trusted to break their hearts.

It is certainly not bad to get married if you think it is the right thing. But, most of the time, when we are pretty sure that what we are doing something – perfectly right, we end up being perfectly wrong about it. Unforgettable Proposals can help you get off the right foot by providing proposal packages. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your decisions are not just induced by love struck fool in you. You should be critical and analyse where it will work out. You may love the girl, sadly; love and compatibility are two different things. You should make sure that you are not taking any unwanted illogical decisions. Even if you are taking the step to get married, make sure that you both are not planning to have kids immediately. Marriage means responsibility, if you have kids it will be more responsibility. You should make sure that you conquer that fears step by step instead of just jumping into unknown territory without prior knowledge.

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