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Keeping Memories Forever

If you are asked to name one thing that you can never bring back, that is a missed opportunity; a missed opportunity to live a moment, to laugh about it and to cherish the moment forever. A photograph, taken at the perfect time, can help you keep these memories closer to your heart. This is even more so important if you have children of your own, because they grow ever so fast!

First day at school

The first day of school is always one to cherish. It is the day when your child enters the world of knowledge and competition. There will be fear in their faces, but excitement in their eyes, as they stand with you facing the school, reluctant to let you go. This moment would have been stamped in your heart and mind, undoubtedly. But it is always a good idea to capture a moment of it, be it using a smart phone or a digital camera.

Prom night

It is always with a heavy heart filled with pride that you watch your son or daughter emerge from their room, dressed to go to the prom. The prom is going to be one very important memory in your child’s life – a memory that they will always love to look back on. Help them to do so by snapping a picture of him or her. It is all the more better if you can get your hands on a professional camera, but if not, even a digital camera would do.

Graduation day

The day that your son or daughter climbs up onto the stage, dressed in a black cloak and a hat, will always be one of the proudest memories you have of them. This day will symbolize the years of hard work put by your child, and the even longer years of your hoping the best for your child. This is indeed a day to be captured. Do not miss it.

The day of the wedding

Among Asian cultures, this day would be considered as a day where a daughter leaves one family for another. Even among western cultures, marriage is a significant step – a step into a life of new beginnings and new possibilities. This day is a celebration of love and hope, and every poignant memory of it needs to be captured. Hire a professional cameraman or a studio for this purpose, and ask them to snap away. Gather memories – that’s all that matters.

Keep the tradition going

You would know the importance of all the memories that you have captured, and the happiness you feel when you go through them again and again. Leave that valuable lesson for your loved ones as well. Book a company that does family photography in Sydney (or any other location you live) and send them as a gift to your loved ones.

Many companies who do family photography in Sydney have attractive packages that you can also afford.

Let your children feel the love of a photograph. This is even more so important in this generation, where photographs are only limited to being posted in social media websites, but not printed and stored. They may argue that having it stored in the computer is the same, and that it brings the same happiness.

But you are older, and you obviously know better, don’t you?

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