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How To Organize A Drama Festival


In many schools there is a separate club for students who are interested in drama and since very young ages of the children parents encourage their children to engage in some extracurricular activities like drama, music and dancing. You may be a teacher who is in charge of the drama club in your school or you may be a member of such club who wants to organize a drama festival to show case the talents of your students or club members to the world. Following are some tips to organize a drama festival.

Make a programme

Like any other activity it is needed that you make a programme for your drama festival too. Making a programme has to be done with the ideas of all the organizers and with a view to what kind of dramas and who and how many are going to be involved in the performance of such. Ideas of everyone as to the date of the event, number of dramas to be shown and the theme of the event. You can choose a theme such as Shakespeare theme, medieval or Victorian theme for the festival and such theme can provide the guideline to choose the dramas for the festival as well. When making the programme the organizers should understand the purpose of doing such. A drama festival organized in a school should necessarily ensure that such festival benefits the students and the school. The organizers should seek to involve students as much as possible so that the benefits of such will be spread among a large number of students.

Prepare the costumes and equipment

Costumes and equipments become main two requirements of a drama festival. Since a considerable number of students are being participated in this kind of an event the costumes of the students need to be ordered as soon as possible. A responsible dress maker has to be chosen and the design for each costume with the measurements of the actor has to be given to that person. A stage, chairs, sound and light system and the props needed are mainly the equipments needed for this kind of a festival. There are stage hire services from which you can hire a stage and each other equipments can be hired as well if you do not possess them.

Encourage and train students

The next step after you have determined the programme of the event is to choose the participants and encouraging and explaining them the purpose and importance of such festival. When the students clearly understand the benefits that are accrued to them from such a festival they will volunteer themselves to participate in the festival. The students need to be chosen for the determined plays and roles depending on their skills and features. This need to be done very carefully and some test act must be done to ensure that the right student gets the right role.

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