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Hire Amusement Rides – Selection and Success

Hiring amusement rides, games, stalls, etc is the best idea for an organization that is planning for Christmas party, fete, fair, picnic, promotional or any other event. Keeping the young ones as well as adults can be an easy task by considering something exciting, new and different to keep them entertained during an event. Inflatables and rides are available on rent at affordable prices.

These promise fun filled and safe environment. However, amusement rides for school fetes need to be selected in accordance to the ages of students attending. Usually children attending the fete will be between the ages of 6 to 11 years. In addition to this, you need to consider who they will be accompanied by such as their young or older siblings or friends to your events.

When you determine the amusement rides for school fetes never overlook toddlers. They fall under the category of significant minority and are the ones that feel thrilled to experience exciting and new attractions. Variety of rides can shoot up the excitement, interest and number of people attending.

Things to consider when selecting the kinds of rides

Rides need to be attractive

Equipment features high capacity to minimize the queues

Wide varieties of rides

Ensure to cater expectations of kids of all age groups

Rides must be family-oriented, to allow parents to enjoy with their little ones

Flat rate hire or commission based deal

Rides can be booked on flat rate charges or on commission basis (generally 80/20). The event committee pays fixed charges on each ride that is hired. All the income from the sale of passes and tickets are retained. The total profit of the event committee = Total ride sales less the total ride hire.

On profit share basis, the rides will be supplied for free. The total sale of rides will be shared by the amusement operators and event committee at the end of an event. This is the most opted for agreement, as the event committee does not have to worry about rainy weather or less crowd.

Steps to a successful Event

Form a committee to divide the responsibilities

Select the right date for the fete

Book the amusement rides according to the audience attending your fete

Research for a reputed amusement ride hire company

Visit other areas for fete

Consider setting up stalls and other activities

Arrange finance to make payment

Lastly, sign the contract after reading it carefully

All these things will ensure that you fete is the best you’ve ever imagined.

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