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Choosing Cakes For Your Friend’s Birthday

Birthdays are one of the common occasions to be celebrated by your friends. If you are planning the same for your friend, then you need to be very careful. Budget is a big issue that you need to think about and then you should proceed further.

The facility of birthday function rooms hire will help you in selecting the ideal venue easily without exceeding the budget. By searching your locality or nearby places you can find such venues.

However, apart from birthday function rooms hire, you may plan the party for your friend at your place and if possible, you may try to bake the birthday cakes for him/her. Baking a cake with all your friends is always fun and a different experience for all of you. We have presented here three recipes for birthday cakes. Have a look and choose your own.

• Dark chocolate cake recipe: Dark chocolate cake has its charm always. The ingredients are – flour (2 cups), baking powder (one teaspoon), two eggs, baking soda (one teaspoon), two cups of sugar, two cups of cocoa powder, salt (a little teaspoon), milk (two cups), vegetable oil (half cup), vanilla extract (2 teaspoons) and only one cup of boiling water. Pre-heat the oven in three hundred and fifty degree temperature first. Put all the mentioned ingredients one by one in the large bowl, mix them up and bake.

• Real strawberry cake and chocolate covers recipe: First start with the ingredients. Baking powder, cocoa powder, milk, baking soda, sugar, milk chocolate chips, freshly brought strawberries from market with leaves and crunchy chocolate (keep it grated) – these are the items, which you require for this cake. Bring a bowl and put all the ingredients one by one (except the strawberries) and keep mixing them well. Now pre-heat the oven in two hundred and fifty degree temperature. Put the cake for twenty minutes. When the cake is ready, make it more beautiful with the toppings of fresh strawberries. It will be a yummy birthday surprise for your friend. Even you can bake this cake for a kid’s birthday if you wish. The cake looks very delicious by itself.

• White chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe: You can hardly find out a single person, who does not love cheesecakes. The ingredients will tell you at once how much delicious this cheesecake will be. What you need for this cake are the whole eggs, chocolate crumbles, white sugar, chocolate chips, butter, cornstarch, vanilla extract and for further decoration, add the toppings of frozen raspberries. Put the all ingredients together and bake for fifteen minutes. When it is ready, you can add the raspberries as the toppings for the cheesecake. Whether it is adult’s party or the kids are the invitees, you may need to store one more cake to make them happy.

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