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Office Parties And The Right Etiquette

Whether formal or informal, office parties are filled with opportunities to make a fool of yourself or give people a bad impression of you (even if it is inaccurate or due to misunderstandings). Knowing how to behave and communicate on such occasions can save you your reputation, dignity, and even your job. Here are a few things to always remember when attending official events with your colleagues and superiors.

The Line between Casual and Professional
Parties are generally fun occasions where you can casually joke and be playful with other guests. When it comes to corporate functions, however, you should keep that playfulness to a minimum. Even if the occasion is somewhat informal, you still have to show due respect. Just because you’re not at work, it doesn’t mean rules don’t apply. Be polite and friendly, but don’t get too chummy or touchy, especially with superiors. Have a good time, but do so with decorum.

Making Conversation
You can’t be too careful with your words when it comes to chatting with colleagues and bosses. If you don’t choose wisely enough, the things you say can be offensive, inappropriate, or embarrassing, even if unintentional. Corporate functions Melbourne often have alcohol served, and this is problematic because booze makes people overly chatty and perhaps a little too comfortable. Avoiding the drinks will ensure that you don’t accidentally say something you shouldn’t. Keep conversation topics light, and try not to talk personal information.

Networking isn’t Bootlicking
Whatever the nature of the party might be, you are sure to get the opportunity to make contacts and expand your professional network. It also gives you the chance to build a better relationship with your superiors. Rather than praising the boss or talking yourself up, be yourself and act natural. Your boss can spot a faker, and you’re more likely to garner his favor and interest by conversing normally. Just be sure that you are polite and respectful in the process.

Table Manners
The event may include a meal, but even if not, there will be food and refreshments. Be polite and have at least one or two finger foods, because if you don’t, it can be considered offensive. When you do eat, be careful to mind your manners. Use cutlery and napkins, don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t chew with your mouth open, and don’t burp loudly. You should also take care not to be messy, and make sure you don’t eat like a glutton.
Be responsible by sticking to these basic principles and be on your best behavior. Failing to do so could easily ruin your image within the company and potentially even cost you your job.

Marriage – Is It A Blessing or Trap We Are Setting For Ourselves?


It is not a new question in this 21st century, about the sanity of getting married. People are growing more and more individualistic and independent. Back in those days, marriage was important because females were treated as weaker sex and everyone were just sexist. But after the revolutionary ‘feminist’ move; females were accepted to do better jobs like the males.

It should be considered that still females were mistreated by misogynists (a person who has a strong dislike or hatred towards ladies, women and anyone belonging to female species in Homo sapiens species), some were left to cry alone but some people were sure of themselves and their fought for their rights. From that time, single moms were very famous concept among females. It can be considered that female’s rebellion movement had passed very well through the years and nowadays any small mistake or problem in family people are standing in front of family courts. So, why do people go through the sad unnecessary marriages just for them to end up in family courts instead of till death does them apart? 

It is not a new knowledge that people are spending a large part of their savings and salary in getting engagement and marriage proposal ideas. It should be noted that marriage and engagement diamond are not easily buying commodity. It will cost you a lot. Moreover, if you think marriages are made in heaven, then yes; you have perfectly lost it. There is no made in heaven or made for each other concept anymore. It can be seen that love is a destructive material that the devil is using to knock millionaires and every man down, be careless about their feeling and metaphorically speaking, they let someone else play with their heart; only for the trusted to break their hearts.

It is certainly not bad to get married if you think it is the right thing. But, most of the time, when we are pretty sure that what we are doing something – perfectly right, we end up being perfectly wrong about it. Unforgettable Proposals can help you get off the right foot by providing proposal packages. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your decisions are not just induced by love struck fool in you. You should be critical and analyse where it will work out. You may love the girl, sadly; love and compatibility are two different things. You should make sure that you are not taking any unwanted illogical decisions. Even if you are taking the step to get married, make sure that you both are not planning to have kids immediately. Marriage means responsibility, if you have kids it will be more responsibility. You should make sure that you conquer that fears step by step instead of just jumping into unknown territory without prior knowledge.

How To Organize A Drama Festival


In many schools there is a separate club for students who are interested in drama and since very young ages of the children parents encourage their children to engage in some extracurricular activities like drama, music and dancing. You may be a teacher who is in charge of the drama club in your school or you may be a member of such club who wants to organize a drama festival to show case the talents of your students or club members to the world. Following are some tips to organize a drama festival.

Make a programme

Like any other activity it is needed that you make a programme for your drama festival too. Making a programme has to be done with the ideas of all the organizers and with a view to what kind of dramas and who and how many are going to be involved in the performance of such. Ideas of everyone as to the date of the event, number of dramas to be shown and the theme of the event. You can choose a theme such as Shakespeare theme, medieval or Victorian theme for the festival and such theme can provide the guideline to choose the dramas for the festival as well. When making the programme the organizers should understand the purpose of doing such. A drama festival organized in a school should necessarily ensure that such festival benefits the students and the school. The organizers should seek to involve students as much as possible so that the benefits of such will be spread among a large number of students.

Prepare the costumes and equipment

Costumes and equipments become main two requirements of a drama festival. Since a considerable number of students are being participated in this kind of an event the costumes of the students need to be ordered as soon as possible. A responsible dress maker has to be chosen and the design for each costume with the measurements of the actor has to be given to that person. A stage, chairs, sound and light system and the props needed are mainly the equipments needed for this kind of a festival. There are stage hire services from which you can hire a stage and each other equipments can be hired as well if you do not possess them.

Encourage and train students

The next step after you have determined the programme of the event is to choose the participants and encouraging and explaining them the purpose and importance of such festival. When the students clearly understand the benefits that are accrued to them from such a festival they will volunteer themselves to participate in the festival. The students need to be chosen for the determined plays and roles depending on their skills and features. This need to be done very carefully and some test act must be done to ensure that the right student gets the right role.

Plan A Perfect Naming Ceremony For The New Arrival To Your Family

Naming ceremonies are a vital step which provides an identity to the baby. It is a kind gesture that makes the baby feels special. On the arrival of a baby, the whole family rejoices and reunites to share the happiness. Naming ceremonies are not legally essential in any country; however the registration of birth is legally essential.

A naming ceremony can be conducted in a hassle free manner by properly planning the event in advance. The baby is named under the blessing of the wedding celebrant and the following factors may be considered as a checklist.

Date and time of ceremony

The naming of the baby is usually done at an age depending upon the religious traditions of the family. Some babies are named as early as a month old while some are named when they turn a year old. However, the parents need to fix the date and also the time for naming ceremony according to their convenience.


The naming ceremony is conducted under the guidance of the wedding celebrant. So, make sure that you check on the celebrants and their availability. As the celebrant is also required for wedding it is very important to fix one by giving the required advance. Make arrangement to pick the celebrant from the destination to the venue of the ceremony.


Celebrating the arrival of the little one is done either as a simple affair or by conducting a grand naming ceremony. If you intend to do it on a large scale, make sure you pick a venue that has all the facilities required for the baby. It is ideal to choose a venue that is close to your home which makes the arrangement also possible. Also, it is important to check on the facilities for the baby like a good rest room, feeding room and so on. Make sure that the place is clean and free from disturbances.

Guest list

Now decide upon the list of invitees and invite them in advance. It would be a great idea to distribute printed invitation as this will give the invitees all the details like date, time and venue. It also helps the invitees remember the details of the ceremony. Make sure that you have people to welcome the guests and make them feel comfortable.

Music and entertainment

The naming ceremony is not a legal affair and so it is conducted in the most informal manner. You can even arrange for some music shows as a part of entertainment. As it is a baby’s ceremony you can also arrange for some games for the children.

Plan your baby’s naming ceremony in advance and make it a grand success.

Choosing Cakes For Your Friend’s Birthday

Birthdays are one of the common occasions to be celebrated by your friends. If you are planning the same for your friend, then you need to be very careful. Budget is a big issue that you need to think about and then you should proceed further.

The facility of birthday function rooms hire will help you in selecting the ideal venue easily without exceeding the budget. By searching your locality or nearby places you can find such venues.

However, apart from birthday function rooms hire, you may plan the party for your friend at your place and if possible, you may try to bake the birthday cakes for him/her. Baking a cake with all your friends is always fun and a different experience for all of you. We have presented here three recipes for birthday cakes. Have a look and choose your own.

• Dark chocolate cake recipe: Dark chocolate cake has its charm always. The ingredients are – flour (2 cups), baking powder (one teaspoon), two eggs, baking soda (one teaspoon), two cups of sugar, two cups of cocoa powder, salt (a little teaspoon), milk (two cups), vegetable oil (half cup), vanilla extract (2 teaspoons) and only one cup of boiling water. Pre-heat the oven in three hundred and fifty degree temperature first. Put all the mentioned ingredients one by one in the large bowl, mix them up and bake.

• Real strawberry cake and chocolate covers recipe: First start with the ingredients. Baking powder, cocoa powder, milk, baking soda, sugar, milk chocolate chips, freshly brought strawberries from market with leaves and crunchy chocolate (keep it grated) – these are the items, which you require for this cake. Bring a bowl and put all the ingredients one by one (except the strawberries) and keep mixing them well. Now pre-heat the oven in two hundred and fifty degree temperature. Put the cake for twenty minutes. When the cake is ready, make it more beautiful with the toppings of fresh strawberries. It will be a yummy birthday surprise for your friend. Even you can bake this cake for a kid’s birthday if you wish. The cake looks very delicious by itself.

• White chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe: You can hardly find out a single person, who does not love cheesecakes. The ingredients will tell you at once how much delicious this cheesecake will be. What you need for this cake are the whole eggs, chocolate crumbles, white sugar, chocolate chips, butter, cornstarch, vanilla extract and for further decoration, add the toppings of frozen raspberries. Put the all ingredients together and bake for fifteen minutes. When it is ready, you can add the raspberries as the toppings for the cheesecake. Whether it is adult’s party or the kids are the invitees, you may need to store one more cake to make them happy.

Hire Amusement Rides – Selection and Success

Hiring amusement rides, games, stalls, etc is the best idea for an organization that is planning for Christmas party, fete, fair, picnic, promotional or any other event. Keeping the young ones as well as adults can be an easy task by considering something exciting, new and different to keep them entertained during an event. Inflatables and rides are available on rent at affordable prices.

These promise fun filled and safe environment. However, amusement rides for school fetes need to be selected in accordance to the ages of students attending. Usually children attending the fete will be between the ages of 6 to 11 years. In addition to this, you need to consider who they will be accompanied by such as their young or older siblings or friends to your events.

When you determine the amusement rides for school fetes never overlook toddlers. They fall under the category of significant minority and are the ones that feel thrilled to experience exciting and new attractions. Variety of rides can shoot up the excitement, interest and number of people attending.

Things to consider when selecting the kinds of rides

Rides need to be attractive

Equipment features high capacity to minimize the queues

Wide varieties of rides

Ensure to cater expectations of kids of all age groups

Rides must be family-oriented, to allow parents to enjoy with their little ones

Flat rate hire or commission based deal

Rides can be booked on flat rate charges or on commission basis (generally 80/20). The event committee pays fixed charges on each ride that is hired. All the income from the sale of passes and tickets are retained. The total profit of the event committee = Total ride sales less the total ride hire.

On profit share basis, the rides will be supplied for free. The total sale of rides will be shared by the amusement operators and event committee at the end of an event. This is the most opted for agreement, as the event committee does not have to worry about rainy weather or less crowd.

Steps to a successful Event

Form a committee to divide the responsibilities

Select the right date for the fete

Book the amusement rides according to the audience attending your fete

Research for a reputed amusement ride hire company

Visit other areas for fete

Consider setting up stalls and other activities

Arrange finance to make payment

Lastly, sign the contract after reading it carefully

All these things will ensure that you fete is the best you’ve ever imagined.

Have a Smashing Birthday!

Make their special day, all the more special

Your kid’s birthday especially when she or he is small, is the most important day for her or him. Kids look forward to their birthdays and often maintain a countdown well ahead. It is a day full of goodies to eat, gifts to unwrap and having their friends over to play with. Thus, it is important that you make sure that you plan out a lovely birthday for your kid. It need not be expensive and extravagant. You can have a simple birthday party. The most important thing is to remember to make your kid feel special and loved on the day that they look forward to the most.
Select a theme and capture the moments

You can get your kid to help you with selecting the birthday party invitation that they would like to give out to their friends. You can select a particular theme for the party and style the food, décor and invitations based on this time. For example, you might like to decorate the house to resemble the cottage of the seven dwarfs with a luscious red apple for each little guest. Once you have got the invitations ready, you can send the invitations and make sure that you know how many little kids to expect so that you can order the food accordingly. You can make arrangements to have children’s photographers present at the birthday too.
The childrens photographer in Christchurch will be able to capture the highlights of the party as well as the other more candid parts of the day.

Games and food galore

Next, you will have to organize a few games to have the little kids entertained. You can have ready a few gifts to hand out to the kids who emerge winners in the respective games. You can even make arrangements to have a few rides or a bounce house installed in your backyard or chosen venue for the party. The children will have the time of their lives playing and making good memories. Next you will have to order the food. You can have the food made and presented in a manner that will capture the imagination of the little guests. You can search online for ideas of how to make birthday treats that are delicious as well as lovely to look at.

Start planning right now

Therefore, start planning well ahead for the birthday party. The earlier you start, the less stress you will have and the less likely you are to miss out on important details. The most important thing to remember is that it is your kid’s special day. Therefore, remember that as much as possible get the kids involved in the planning as well.


Keeping Memories Forever

If you are asked to name one thing that you can never bring back, that is a missed opportunity; a missed opportunity to live a moment, to laugh about it and to cherish the moment forever. A photograph, taken at the perfect time, can help you keep these memories closer to your heart. This is even more so important if you have children of your own, because they grow ever so fast!

First day at school

The first day of school is always one to cherish. It is the day when your child enters the world of knowledge and competition. There will be fear in their faces, but excitement in their eyes, as they stand with you facing the school, reluctant to let you go. This moment would have been stamped in your heart and mind, undoubtedly. But it is always a good idea to capture a moment of it, be it using a smart phone or a digital camera.

Prom night

It is always with a heavy heart filled with pride that you watch your son or daughter emerge from their room, dressed to go to the prom. The prom is going to be one very important memory in your child’s life – a memory that they will always love to look back on. Help them to do so by snapping a picture of him or her. It is all the more better if you can get your hands on a professional camera, but if not, even a digital camera would do.

Graduation day

The day that your son or daughter climbs up onto the stage, dressed in a black cloak and a hat, will always be one of the proudest memories you have of them. This day will symbolize the years of hard work put by your child, and the even longer years of your hoping the best for your child. This is indeed a day to be captured. Do not miss it.

The day of the wedding

Among Asian cultures, this day would be considered as a day where a daughter leaves one family for another. Even among western cultures, marriage is a significant step – a step into a life of new beginnings and new possibilities. This day is a celebration of love and hope, and every poignant memory of it needs to be captured. Hire a professional cameraman or a studio for this purpose, and ask them to snap away. Gather memories – that’s all that matters.

Keep the tradition going

You would know the importance of all the memories that you have captured, and the happiness you feel when you go through them again and again. Leave that valuable lesson for your loved ones as well. Book a company that does family photography in Sydney (or any other location you live) and send them as a gift to your loved ones.

Many companies who do family photography in Sydney have attractive packages that you can also afford.

Let your children feel the love of a photograph. This is even more so important in this generation, where photographs are only limited to being posted in social media websites, but not printed and stored. They may argue that having it stored in the computer is the same, and that it brings the same happiness.

But you are older, and you obviously know better, don’t you?

Keeping the Tradition Related to the Christmas tree


The tree that you choose to have standing upright in the centre of your living room is what completes the aura and brings about the true feeling of Christmas.
So when it comes down to making sure that you have in fact decided and selected the right tree from all the Xmas trees in Perth available for sale during the season, here are a few things to remember and incorporate into the family tradition when it comes to choosing out the tree every year.
One of the most common methods of picking the tree out of the number of Xmas trees available is to locate a farm closest to you. By doing this you can add on to the tradition of choosing the tree along with your family and cutting down the tree that you all have decided on.
The next thing you should do will be trimming the tree that you have selected. This will basically mean making sure that the stump has a clean cut on it and that the height of the tree does not exceed that of your home. Make sure that the tree is putting in an adequate amount of water to prevent it from drying off quicker than expected and therefore maintain the fresh look that you will require for the longest time.
The next step is the part where everyone want to be a part of; the decoration. When you are choosing the ornaments to put on your tree, the first thing you will have to ask your self will be whether or not you are running with a theme this Christmas. If you have in fact selected a theme, you can choose between the classic reds and gold’s, or blues, purple’s and silver. Once you have decided on what exactly you will want to incorporate, as tradition goes, you will have to have everyone help to decorate the tree.
By allowing everyone to contribute to how the tree looks over all, you will thereby be increasing the overall spirit of the season among everyone in the household. And since the whole spirit of the season will typically be bringing people together to share the peace, love and joy that comes along with it, putting up and decorating the tree will typically do just that and encourage family to put their animosities aside and just enjoy each other’s company with the least bit of problem and almost no glitch the entire season.

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